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Since 2007, PRORYDE Suspension Systems has been designing and manufacturing some of the most innovative Lift Kits & Leveling Kits in the industry. In fact, PRORYDE is the only completely comprehensive line of patented ADJUSTABLE Lift Kits & Leveling Kits on the market. While the PRORYDE brand is just now reaching its national potential, our parent company, Northstar Manufacturing, Inc., has very successfully been supplying chassis & suspension components to some of the largest companies in the industry for over 30 years. And, because of our relationship with the OEM market, PRORYDE/Northstar Manufacturing, Inc. has been an ISO9001 certified company since 2003. Our Sema award-winning products are the NEW generation of Lift Kits & Leveling Kits. Every PRORYDE kit is TUNEABLE, and individually designed to allow a variety of ride height choices, front & rear. Get exactly the ride height & fender clearance result you want, every time. Whether you want an extreme off road look and bigger tire/wheel combinations, an aggressive street look, or need extra clearance for your commercial or snow plow truck, bottom line is you need ride height control. PRORYDE has your tuneable solution for all popular Strut Suspensions, Torsion Bar Suspensions, Leaf Spring Suspensions & Coil Spring Suspensions. Simply said, PRORYDE has the product for you. Choose PRORYDE, and get it EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT IT.