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After over 20 years of battling, fussing, band-aiding and otherwise cussing his way around the country, the founder of DECKED, outdoor sales rep Lance Meller, started working on a storage solution that would let him get his job done faster so he could play more. Sleeping in the back of his truck spooning with snowboard samples, skis, tools and just about everything but a warm woman, Lance started working with some pals building wooden boxes to bring an end to his pickup bed junk show. Then a few million things fell into place, including a BLT with Jake, and after nearly three years of intensive design and engineering work DECKED took on an entirely more significant level of perfection. Lance still claims to personally be slightly less than perfect.

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We have lived with sub-standard homemade and sometimes even purchased storage systems rattling around the backs of our trucks for years. Struggling with the same challenges you encounter with your truck, DECKED sat down, determined to create a solution for folks like us. This determination became a dedication and passion to design and manufacture the best truck storage system anywhere. We think we did and are confident you will too. You’re one of us and we want you to work smarter and play harder. DECKED is so committed to your satisfaction and confidence in their products that they back everything they make with a no-nonsense 3 year limited warranty from the date of original purchase.