Radco Truck Accessories - Nite-Lux LED Headlights

Luminix LED Lighting - Nite-Lux LED Headlights
Replace your dim, worn out light bulbs with Putco's premium LED lighting. 100% High Temperature Nylon construction • Newest & most advanced LED Kit available in the world • Packed with technology Constant Current CPU, EMC (anti-interference) • Miniaturized lamp, tower, and ballast, 40% reduction in size • High Lumen output - 2500 lumens each • A Putco exclusive 100% COPPER (Cu) Weave cloth heat-sink • Copper cloth heat-sink allows for installation in compact places • No noisy fan which is prone to failure • Cree LED • 360 Degree Light Output • IP68 IP65 Shock Proof • Lifespan > 50,000 hours

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