Ali-Arc Front Pickup Bumper

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Product Information

Protect your truck from the unexpected with an aluminum manufactured AliArc Truck Bumper. AliArc designs their bumpers to not only look great but to be able to withstand a beating and keep you on the road.


Outfit your vehicle with one of the most durable combination Bumper & Grille Guards on the road, the aluminum manufactured Ali-Arc replacement bumper. Ali-Arcs replacement bumpers are designed specifically for your truck, van or SUV. These bumpers are made of the highest quality Aluminum extrusion and are built to the highest ISO 9001 Standards. The bumpers use Aluminum from North American mills and are hand built in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They are light weight and very strong. Weight ranges from 80 lbs. to 105 lbs. depending on the model. Ali Arc takes great pride in the quality and workmanship of the products that they make and that’s why we sell them.

The Ali Arc bumper is one of the best collision protections available for your truck. Time tested and customer confirmed. This bumper will protect your truck from deer and other animals or road debris you may encounter and protect your rides front end. The bumpers are made for most full sized trucks and are available in 2 options for each truck. The options you have for the bumper are whether or not you want the front rake on the bottom of the bumper or not. The front rake adds some structure to the bumper adding to the durability and acts as a “rake” to push animals or anything you unexpectedly come into contact with to the side of the truck to keep it from being sucked under and damaging the undercarriage of your truck.

  • You can be sure that your investment is protected. The Ali Arc bumper is available for virtually all trucks.
  • Full bumper replacement
  • Heavy duty mounts
  • Bolts directly to the frame
  • High polish finish