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Elegant, yet rugged enough to cover a fifth wheel. Secure and reliable, the Lorado's radiate beauty, elegance and strength. From the Lorado US design and production flows unsurpassed user-friendliness in usage and installation at a price to take home to mother.


The Lorado from Radco Truck Accessories is a favorite of professionals, architects, designers, even lawyers, and it loves to go anywhere with you and your gal or favorite dog, your bike, your surfboard, snow plow or your hockey gear. ATV riders, ice fishermen, surfing dudes, construction workers, carpenters and all those of us who need higher than over the bed edge to ease back strain handling our possessions.

Elegant, yet rugged enough to cover a fifth wheel. Secure and reliable, the Lorados radiate beauty, elegance and strength. From the Lorado US design and production flows unsurpassed user-friendliness in usage and installation at a price to take home to mother. 

Engineered and patented, the user-friendly AutoLatch II™ System automatically locks upon closing, avoiding juggling keys and permits a prompt return to the comfort of the cab. The smooth opening and closing offered by the Premium XT-Dial™ tension hand adjuster is unsurpassed in the industry. The matched color of the rails, bars and bows complement the presentation to enhance your image. You may not always want the cover to remain closed while driving, so ACCESS produced its Premium Storage Straps system with Cab Guard to secure the cover when rolled up and to prevent possible damage to your truck.

Why you should buy an ACCESS Lorado Tonneau Cover from Radco over any other brand?


  • Daily shipping nationwide and Canada. Installation at any of our eight locations in Minnesota and the Dakotas.
  • The unique ACCESS side seals ride at a smooth, sleek, 39 degree compared to 66 degrees for most competing covers. This intelligent feature gives your truck a more aerodynamic appearance for fuel economy of up to 10%, and a smooth and lustrous outline.
  • The Lorado™ ACCESS pick up bed cover features the patented Element Seal™ to skillfully seal all four corners. This unique feature shelters your belongings in the wettest, coldest or dustiest environments.
  • Fifth Wheel? Yup! Your ‘Rado’ will work nicely with any fifth wheel. Just roll up the tonno and hook up the trailer.
  • For additional protection and user-friendliness the Lorado now includes the AutoLatchII with dual locking system which locks both sides of the rear door. This new system makes theft nearly impossible.
  • The Lorado is custom fitted to your truck’s year, make and model for a tailored appearance.
  • XT-DIAL Tension Adjusters allow for complete control over your cover tension.


MATERIAL: Top grade reinforced vinyl with UV protectant to protect your investment and the value of your truck

PROFILE: Ultra low profile just one inch above the bed for slick looks and EZ cargo access

BED ACCESS: The Lorado cover offers full bed view when open

WEATHER SEAL: Included fabric tail gate seal keeps your stuff clean and dry

INSTALLATION TOOLS: 9/16 wrench or socket

THEFT PROTECTION DURABILITY: Proprietary "Rip Stop Kevlar-like" material makes tearing and cutting virtually impossible

FINISH: Textured black polyester with professional class UV protectant for ultra shine and weather protection

COVER TENSION: Super user-friendly-hands-only XT Dial Adjuster Tool makes tensioning and loosening as close to automatic as possible.

WARRANTY: Unique ACCESS Premium Cover Warranty

MAINTENANCE: Wash with soap and water or for best results use ACCESS Tonneau Protectant from RADCO

INSTALL TIME: Under 60 minutes

ACCOMODATIONS: The Lorado bed cover will accommodate most bed caps, tailgate protectors, under-the-rail bed liners and tie downs

Element Seal Element Seal
Forms a tight barrier between your truck and tonneau cover.  Combined with the front and rear reinforced vinyl seal - the cover is sealed on all 4 sides. 
Fabric Seal Fabric Seal
Integrated fabric seal lasts as long as your cover.  Not affected by hot or cold, this seal will no distort, crack or dry out and tear like rubber seals.  The self-forming seal doesn't interfere with tailgate operation.
Durable Fabric Fabric
Our covers feature a textured, double-coated, commerical grade reinforced vinyl.  They remain flexible at -40, won't shrink in heat, and resist fading against a hot, relentless sun. 
Aluminum frame and bows Premium Frame, Bars and Bows
The Access® Original Covers are manufactured with 6000 Series aluminum black bars, bows and rails.
Velcro Side Rails Increased Capacity Rails
The optimal angle of our side rails was designed to provide a lifetime sealing system.  The cover rises 1 1/2" above the truck box for allowing increased capacity. 
Latching System Latching System
Patented AutoLatch II has an automatic dual locking system that released both locks in one smooth action.  It is the most reliable latching system on the road.
Premium Storage Straps Premium Storage Straps
Our premium storage straps feature a cab guard design that prevents the cover from rubbing on the cab.  Super tougn nylon straps secure the rolled up cover. 
Seals on all 4 sides  Seals on all 4 Sides
Hook and Loop fastening system provides a high strength seal that runs the full length of your truck box. Easy one person operation. 
EZ-Dial Tension Control Tension Control
The XT-Dial features an easy grip tension adjustor which gives you perfect tension control.  No tools - no hassle!
Tite Bite Clamps Tite-Bite Clamps
Attaches cover to bed without the need to drill into truck box. Specifically cut 'teeth' maintain a superior grip and exceptional strength.
Slantback rear design Slantback Rear Design
Make sure it's the Original Roll-up Cover with our exclusive Slantback Rear Design.  The Slantback Rear Design is a registered U.S. Trademark of Agri-Cover, Inc.