Stampede Chrome Hood Shield

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Product Information

Stampede Automotive Accessories top of the line shields are designed and manufactured with an aerodynamic reverse flip for superior deflection providing full hood and front fender protection on some models. Contoured to fit new integrated hood designs, these body blending hood protectors are engineered to be an exact fit for each vehicles hood style.


Hood Protectors (also known as bug shields) have been around for
a long time. In the beginning they were just tall flat pieces of Plexiglas
attached to the front end of a vehicle. Effective, but not much to look at!

Now days we have a much better understanding of aerodynamics and
know that taller isn't necessarily better, it's the shape that matters.
The hood protectors we make are designed to complement the look of
the vehicle while still providing maximum protection.

  • Stand Away Design for easy cleaning
  • Protection from rocks, mud, rain and road debris
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Durable and UV Stable