Timbren SES Front Kit

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All Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems are designed to provide maximum performance for stock suspensions in good condition.


Just as when a truck bed is loaded, the front of the vehicle will sag when under the burden of heavy equipment such as a snow plow. In this case, the front axle is handling not only the weight of the equipment, but more of the vehicle's weight as well. Overall vehicle handling - traction, steering, and braking - is negatively affected. The resistance from Timbren's Suspension Enhancement System works with the vehicle's factory suspension to keep the vehicle level and improve your driving performance.

Great for trucks with plows, these hollow rubber springs sit above the axle, helping to stabilize and level the truck while providing a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use. 

  • Levels the loaded tow vehicle 
  • Reduces trailer sway 
  • Improves stability 
  • Doesn't affect the unloaded vehicles ride quality 
  • Made of natural rubber the Aeon rubber springs wont bend like a steel spring would